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    • 2.8-SNAPSHOT
    • 5ba955074e0c5b78a5c9576dba955bec93008889
    • 14-Jan-2016 20:47
    • 14-SNAPSHOT (rev 109456cbb2cf31ce318330bad5d0176e3d04e4a9)
    • 1.8-SNAPSHOT (rev 1.8.x/854b89c13d79df5a232c32245f956cfb70de56f5)
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    GeoServer is a full transactional Java implementation of the Open Geospatial Consortium's specifications for Web Feature Service (WFS) and Web Coverage Service (WCS) with an integrated Web Map Service (WMS).

    This web administration interface allows for easy configuration of GeoServer. After logging in, please use the menus on the left to navigate through the interface. The About and Status menu lists technical details about the running GeoServer instance. The Data menu is used to configure data sources and styling. The Service menu provides service-wide configuration options. The Settings menu provides configurations options that apply to all services (i.e. server-wide). The Tile Caching menu allows configuration of the embedded tile cache. The Security menu allows configuration of access controls (authentication and authorization). The Demos menu has examples of GeoServer in action. The Tools menu allows access to administrative tools (e.g. for loading data).

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